Nabídka stáží

Nabídka stáží

Partneři IES FSV UK: stáže a zkrácené úvazky



trvale nabízí stáže a zkrácené úvazky:



Intern Audit | Praha | Kariéra v Deloitte (


Analytik – Audit | Praha | Kariéra v Deloitte (

Daňový konzultant – Nepřímé daně | Kariéra v Deloitte (

Daňový konzultant – Zdanění právnických osob (Praha) | Kariéra v Deloitte (

Mzdový účetní – Praha | Kariéra v Deloitte (

Junior Consultant – Supply Chain planning | Kariéra v Deloitte (

Junior konzultant – Mergers & Aquisitions | Kariéra v Deloitte (

Junior konzultant – oceňování se zaměřením na sporovou agendu | Kariéra v Deloitte (

Junior pojistný matematik - student - Actuarial tým

Česká spořitelna

Nabídka stáže: Strategy Intern zde. 


Have you considered applying for a consulting role with McKinsey in Prague? Now is the time!
We are looking for great people who enjoy solving diverse and complex problems. Sounds interesting? Join us to work on exciting projects, in teams with colleagues of diverse talent, experience and skills! 

The next application deadline is coming up in less than 2 weeks. Submit your resume by April 7! Apply here.

Internship at McKinsey this summer - Global Helpdesk Graduate program – the role is a mix of tech support and customer services and, therefore, a great opportunity to build communication, team-working and organizational skills, as well as tech knowledge. Starting this summer, there will be a 3-month full time learning period followed by an opportunity to work part-time during the academic year to combine with studies.

Apply here.

Sponzoři IES FSV UK:


EY nyní nabízí:

Internship – bude brzy aktualizováno

Erasmus+ stáže v zahraničí

Na tyto stáže lze využít i dodatečné financování z programu Erasmus+, pro detaily kontaktujte Elišku Krohovou.



Nabídka stáží v consultingu

  • Nabídka stáže - junior analytik ve společnosti Capitalinked. Podrobnosti zde.
  • Internship v analytickém butiku European Valuation Institute (EVI). Podrobnosti zde.
  • McKinsey: stále je možné se hlásit na stáž do společnosti McKinsey. Podrobnosti naleznete zde.
  • Stáže ve společnosti BCG. Podrobnosti naleznete zde. 

Nabídka stáží v datové oblasti

  • Moody's offer a summer internship with focus on macroeconomic analysis. The work can include any of the following tasks: obtaining and processing macroeconomic data, analyzing data using statistical software, writing reports, time series modelling, or programming. More information can be found here.
  • Nabídka stáží v ČNB. Stáž zaměřená na vizualizaci dat nebo Stáž v sekci měnové.
  • Nabídka stáží v DATEIO - všechny pozice jsou i na part-time, vhodné pro studenty. Data Scientist.

Nabídka stáží z oblasti financí


  • INVESTMENT BANKING SPECIALISTA v Raiffeisenbank - vhodné pro studenty 3.-4. ročníku. Podrobnosti zde.
  • Práce v ČSOB, vhodná i pro studenty. Podrobnosti zde.

Nabídka stáží v energetice


Mezinárodní stáže

  • Placená stáž v Sekretariátu Evropské rady pro systémová rizika: ESRB traineeship, podrobnosti zde.
  • The European Central Bank (ECB) is seeking applications for participation in its Student Research Assistant Traineeship Programme – Senior Management Macro-Finance Team Please see the details here. 
  • Evropská komise. Podrobnosti zde.
  • Traineeships in the European Parliament: Application period: 15 August – 15 October (midnight) Traineeship period: 1 March – 31 July, Application period: 15 March – 15 May (midnight) Traineeship period: 1 October – 28/29 February. Please see the details here.



  • Professor Roman Horváth is looking for a research assistant to collect data to conduct a meta-analysis on the effect of democracy on income inequality. Democracy and inequality stand at the cornerstone of social sciences but the meta-analysis is not available. The classical theories stipulate that democracy is likely to lead to less inequality in society (see the survey by Milanovic in Journal of Economic Surveys). But there are also theories that predict that democracy can increase inequality (see survey by Acemoglu et al.). The situation is similar in empirical studies. Some studies show a positive effect, while other studies provide a negative effect and some studies fail to observe any significant effect. The ambiguity of theoretical and empirical literature begs for meta-analysis. In addition, the quality of democracy around the world is deteriorating with the observable tendencies towards populism and nationalism. The last three decades have also been characterized by the increasing within-country income (and wealth) inequality. There are two non-quantitative surveys by Branko Milanovic (JoES) and Daron Acemoglu (handbook) on this topic. 

    Job description 

    Research assistant would collect the data from primary studies. The ideal candidate will have previous experience with empirical research and meta-analysis. The work scope for this position is at least 40 hours. The position is paid by stipendium. The exact amount will be determined based on the final number of hours.

  • Macroeconomický analytik pro OGResearch. Podrobnosti zde
  • Junior Field Manager pro Word Bank. Podrobnosti zde.
  • Business Development/Projektový management. Podrobnosti zde.
  • Zajímavé stáže na MFSR UHP - stážista dostane projekt pod vedením zkušeného analytika. Podrobnosti zde.