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Rok: 2021

Impact of Terrorism on Foreign Direct Investment: Analysis of BRICS countries
Bc. Ayxan Abbasli

The COVID-19 measures: Impact on economies and mitigating spread of the disease
Bc. Jan Žiačik

Analysis of Effects of the European Monetary Union on Merger and Acquisition Activity in Europe
Bc. David Přerovský

Analysis of factors influencing medicinal products sales – case study
Bc. Matúš Rozvadský

Analysis of the US stock market during the COVID-19 pandemic
Bc. Adam Tůma

Application of Machine Learning in Portfolio Construction
Bc. Ondřej Karlíček

Competitive Balance in Individual Sports: An Empirical Evidence of Uncertainty of Outcome Hypothesis
Bc. Václav Berčík

Credit risk stress testing of the Czech banking sector
Bc. Karolína Vachušková

Cryptocurrencies and financial secrecy
Bc. Stanislava Poizlová

Decent Work and Economic Growth-Analysis of the Sustainable Development Goal 8
Bc. Vendula Letovská

Determinants of Football Players’ Market Value
Bc. Jan Cvrček

Different Social and Economic Strategies Taken in Spring 2020 in Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic and Their Medium-term Economic Consequences across the EU Countries
Bc. Jan Stuchlík

Do less developed regions vote populistic parties? The case of Slovakia
Bc. Natália Dusková

Do Money Rewards Motivate People? A Meta-Analysis
Bc. Petr Čala
Ocenění DOT Award za vynikající bakalářskou práci.

Earnings Management Preceding Management Buyouts
Bc. Jakub Bobysud

Effect of Quantitative Easing on the US Stock Market During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Bc. Ondřej Michalík

Evaluating the predictability of virtual exchange rates using daily data
Bc. Martin Řanda

Forex forecasting with Support vector regression and Long short-term memory recurrent neural network
Bc. Michal Bodický

Gender Index in the Czech Public Firms
Bc. Eliška Velková

How large food manufacturers affect country and its population
Bc. Artur Harutyunyan

How Much in Taxes Do Multinational Enterprises Pay?
Bc. Tomáš Boukal

Impact of tax rate differences on profits of US multinationals
Bc. Matej Kvorka

Impacts of various critical situations on aviation industry and parallel with the COVID-19 pandemic
Bc. Milan Fedorik

Lottery Premium in Video Gaming Environment
Bc. Tomáš Karhánek

Measuring Air Transport Industry Linkages: Input-Output Analysis
Bc. Tomáš Tax

Payoff of having children - Do elderly parents of more children live in a nursing home less often?
Bc. Katarína Gömöryová
Ocenění DOT Award za vynikající bakalářskou práci.

Regulation of green banking
Bc. Simona Ivančová

Relation of Debt Relief to Social and Military Expenditures: Empirical Evidence
Bc. Jan Nykl

Salary determinants of NHL players
Bc. Vít Kulhánek

Škoda Company Taxation: Evolution of Corporate Taxation in Czech Lands
Bc. Pavel Neumann

Spatial analysis of Airbnb apartment locations in Prague
Bc. Filip Kroutil

Teoretické koncepce československé transformace: Faktory, které ovlivnily tvorbu transformační strategie
Bc. Tereza Krausová

The Effect of Socio-Demographic Factors on Consumer Trends in the Czech Republic
Bc. Tereza Čechová

The Effect of Temperature on Suicide: A Meta-Analysis
Bc. Daniel Bartušek

The impact of the COVID-19 crisis on bank corporate credit risk management in the US and the UK
Bc. Matěj Kořínek

The Relationship between Sustainable Development and GDP Growth in EU Countries
Bc. Ksenia Karavaeva

Venture capital value creation: IPO performance of VC-backed companies in CEE
Bc. Jakub Horyna



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